Citizens Advice Bureau (contact local office for Bradford and Airedale Tel: 0344 2451282
Welfare Rights Office (contact Equality Together Tel: 01274 594173 Living Allowance and other benefits information

There are two components to DLA, which can be claimed separately or together, Mobility Component and Care Component. Disability Living Allowance is a benefit concerned with personal care and/or getting around. It can be claimed as an individual with a disability for them or by a carer for someone else with a disability.

It possible for people to claim DLA for their children if they need help doing certain things for example dressing, washing  and going to the toilet or need help getting around. It is important that you contact the DLA Enquiries 0345 850 3322 to find out more regarding the criteria required by you or your child to claim either component.

DLA will not affect any other benefits; in fact it may mean you are entitled to more. For further information on other benefits you may be entitled to, contact  Equality Together or CAB.