All about AWARE

AWARE is a parent-run group supporting families with children and young adults on the autistic spectrum (formal diagnosis not required).

The group covers the Airedale, Wharfedale, Bradford and Craven areas and beyond.

Members include families and supporters in general, as well as health, education and social care professionals.

Early diagnosis of autism can greatly improve the chances of a person receiving appropriate help.

AWARE can support families through the maze of local services which cross health, social care and education boundaries. We can advise them about about accessing appropriate support from statutory, voluntary and private services, which can make a huge difference to a person with autism, helping them to maximise their skills and achieve their full potential as an adult.

We also run a whole range of events and activities for children, young people and parents/carers. Please see our Events and Groups page for more information.

We welcome membership from all backgrounds – you can join AWARE here.

More than 500,000 families in Britain are affected by Autism

The current rate of autism in the UK is 1.1% so more than 1 in 100 people is autistic


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Peer Support
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Events and Groups
Do you wish there were groups and activities your child could access and join in...
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Members-Only Area
Here at AWARE, we want to give our members great value for their membership! On this page y...
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Get Help & Support from AWARE!
2nd June 2023
If you are looking for help and advice, did you know AWARE now run two face-to-face groups for parents and carers plus one Zoom support session? We also have regular meet-ups with guest...
“I just feel so lost!”
14th April 2023
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Join us at WAAD!
16th January 2023
We are so excited to be holding another one of our World Autism Acceptance Day (WAAD) events - an unmissable and rare chance to meet a whole host of local support services and groups in one...

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